Prices and Ordering


First class value for money websites:

  • ADIsite website package one off fee - fully setup site (including domain name (2 years) and website hosting (1 year)) £240.00
  • Website hosting (one year) £45.00
  • Domain name registration (two years) £16.00

If you choose an ADIsite , you will only pay £240 for the first year. The second year will only cost £50.00 - for website hosting. The third year will cost £66.00 - for hosting and the renewal of the domain name.

If you are shopping around, please be careful to compare like with like. Make sure you know what the second and third year costs will be. Are there any hidden extras? Find out if you own the domain name, and if you can transfer it should you need to switch website hosts.




Click here to order an ADIsite

Please use the contact form to order web hosting or domain name registration, or to enquire about any other services.



  • My preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to my bank account. I will send you the bank details when payment is due. If you have online banking this is simple and easy.
  • The second method is to post me a cheque. I will let you know the details when payment is due.
  • The third option is PayPal - where you can use a debit or credit card. I will email you a link when payment is due. If you don't yet have email, I can arrange an alternative. PayPal is the least favoured option for me as PayPal takes commission :(