Features and Services

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All these options are available to your site:

Add, edit, and delete content via a web browser - including most smart phones

Sites come fully set up - no need to do any editing to get started

New features will be available to existing sites

Choose from a range of add-ons to make your site unique - all included in the price:

  • Hall of fame - a list of successful students
  • News - update your site visitors with news of your successful students, changes to the tests, your new car - anything you want
  • Road sign quiz - a different sign every time the page is loaded
  • DSA Twitter feed - or your own
  • Facebook integration
  • Testimonials - let prospective customers know how good you are!
  • Gallery - pictures of your successful students or your car, or anything else you want to share
  • Area maps of your "patch"
  • Price lists
  • Maintenance questions (show me tell me)
  • Contact form for site visitors
  • Top tips - to help your site visitors
  • Online payment

The ADIsite package includes hosting for one year, and your own email address @ your domain name.
If you already have a domain name you can use it - if not, ADIsite will help you choose and set up one in your name.



ADIsite offers the following web services:

  • Fully set up ADIsites which can be maintained by the owner. ADIsites include web hosting for one year, email addresses, and a domain name 
  • Domain name registration (domain names are registered in your name and you have full control over the name)
  • Website hosting - if you already have a website ADIsite can host it for you
  • Update of your existing website
  • Conversion of an existing site to an ADIsite
  • Custom add-ons can be designed to suit your needs
  • Other web services include forums and e-commerce solutions