Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How do I  choose a domain name?
A - The name of your business is a good start - e.g. "w" - but google might rank your page a bit higher if your domain name is "w". People who know your business will find you anyway, it's the people who don't know you and are using a search engine that you want to attract.

Q - Can I buy a domain name from another provider?
A - Yes. In fact, I recommend it. It is in your interests to own and control your domain name. This way, if anything goes wrong with your website host (me) then you can get another host and simply point your domain to the new host. If your website host registers your domain name in their name, you have no control over the situation at all (I do register your domain name in your name). Registering domain names and pointing them to your website host is very simple. The company I recommend is Easily, but there are many hundreds of sites where you can register domain names.

Q - Can I use my existing domain name?
A - Yes - of course. It is a simple matter to point your domain name to your ADIsite and takes a maximum of 24 hours to take effect.

Q - Can I change to a different design at a later date?
A - Yes. Use the support form for this.

Q - Why can't I pay monthly?
A - Monthly payments are harder and costlier to administer and collect. Because of this the cost of my services would increase. If there is enough demand for monthly (or quarterly) payments it could be introduced.

Q - How much do PayPal and Google Checkout charge?
A - Both these services currently charge a fee of 3.4% plus 20p per transaction. So on a payment to you of £100.00 the fee will be £3.60 and you will receive £96.40. Both services are easy to set up and incorporate into your website, so your clients can pay with their credit or debit card. Transferring money from PayPal or Google checkout to your own bank account is normally free.

Q - How do I set up PayPal?
A - You can test making buttons with all the different options, including drop-down lists of prices, at the PayPal website. Just click the link which says "Create a button now" - you don't need an account to test it out.

A - Yes, your own logo and images can be incorporated into your website.

Q - Why does the RETURN or ENTER key (in the editor window) always leave a big space before the next line?
A - It won't if you hold the SHIFT key when you press RETURN  :)

Q - How can I improve my Google ranking?
A - There are two ways you can get a good search engine ranking: the first is "on site" S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation) which ADIsite sets up for you. The second is "off site" S.E.O. - getting your site listed on directories, and getting links to your site from other sites. One excellent way of improving your site's S.E.O. is Google Places - which is free and simple to set up.
There is a thread on the forum if you found somewhere good to list your site.

Q - How is it that on my computer my site is listed near the top of the search results, but on my friend's computer it was much lower?
A - Google knows when you are on your own computer (using cookies) and your site is listed much higher than it would be on any other PC.

Q - How do ADIsites work?
A - ADIsites are based on a CMS (Content Management System) called Drupal. Some of the millions of sites powered by Drupal include:,,,, and to name a few.